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I recently found myself on another work trip and began to think about what kind of work traveler I am.  It may seem like a strange thing to think about, but I often find on these solo work trips my mind tends to wander.  I have for sure changed over the years.  As anyone who is on the road for work can attest, you can easily find yourself in a bad place mentally and it can take effort to stay positive.  Road tripping and flying to the middle of nowhere time and time again can take it’s toll on you. 

I decided to be productive on this trip and set up a hotel room photoshoot to help illustrate.  This was a lot of fun to do and I am happy how the “hotel studio” shots came out.

So the question is which type of traveler are you? 

Are you the type to sit in the corner and watch the clock tick by?

I, personally, was this type for many years.  When I first started working I definitely had severe travel anxiety.  Luckily, this for the most part has passed and I fret less and experience more.

Are you the type to say “let’s turn this Hampton into the Ritz”?


This was a fun one.  I can’t say I ever splurge on myself while travelling that much.  Knowing my wife is back home wrangling the toddler gives me serious Dad guilt.

Are you the type to climb into bed and ponder your life choices?

I tend to do some hard thinking while on the road.  Having the silence and total control of your environment lends itself to that.  I find I have to force myself to not to do this anymore as I now see it as a poor use of valuable time.  This is time I could be getting some important creative work completed or out exploring wherever I am at.

Are you the type to find clarity with meditation?


I tried meditation for this first time on this trip since it seems to be getting popular at the moment.  It was strange at first but around the 10 minute mark I actually did notice some changes and a calming effect.  I think I will try to incorporate this going forward to alleviate any travel anxiety that pops up.

Are you the type who keeps their travel life identical to normal life?


This is what I am shooting for now.  All these anxieties and discomforts seem to build up while traveling.  However, I think it is really important to stay level-headed and treat your travel as any regular day.  Keeping the same routines.  Not straying too far from food you would eat at home.  Not using travel as an excuse to have a few more drinks than you normally would.  Not watching tv all night when you normally would be productive at night.  This is goal for travel going forward for myself.  We shall see how it goes.

 So how about you?  Which type are you?  I’d love to know what others are doing.

Thanks for reading!


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